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The first international package tour in the Lugansk and Donetsk People's Republic will be arranged in the middle of May. The Donbass friendship groups (English/Russian speaking group leaders and guides) will be gathered from May to October, generally once in a month. Special package Donbass tours will be arranged for people arriving especially from certain countries/languages, like Finland, France and Italy.

Donbass Tours are arranged in small groups, max. 14-16 people. In scheduled tours, international groups will arrive from Rostov airport (Russia) to the LPR on Sunday's and depart to Rostov airport from the DPR on Saturday's. We reccomend you to contact and make a reservation soon as possible!


Arrival 13.5. - Departure 19.5.
Arrival 3.6. - Departure 9.6.
Arrival 1.7. - Departure 7.7.
Arrival 5.8. - Departure 11.8.
Arrival 2.9. - Departure 8.9.
Arrival 7.10. - Departure 13.10.

SPECIAL TOURS (note special language/countries)

Finnish Group (Finnish/English/Russian)
Arrival 24.6. - Departure 30.6.

Italian Group (Italian/English/Russian)
Arrival 15.7. Departure 21.7.

French Group (French/English/Russian)
Arrival: 12.8. Departure 18.8.

In the all tour programs (May-October) groups will be gathered in the Rostov on-Don International Airport (Russia) on Sunday's and from there groups will be transported by group leader first to the Lugansk People's Republic. After 5 days of program in the LPR and DPR, groups will return to Rostov on Saturday's from the DPR. So, together including transport times, full Donbass Tour will take about a week.

- What should I do to participate to Donbass tour?

First you need to fill the contact form (in this page) to apply for a Donbass friendship tour. After receiving your contact, we will reply to you with an email and confirm your possibility to join for the tour. After that, you will confirm to which group (when) you are interested to join a tour, and then with given further instructions, you can proceed to arrange your traveling documents and pay the Donbass Tours booking fee:

100 euro

This first payment will be paid to Donbass Tours bank account (Russian bank). That prepayment will confirm your travel booking and it includes arrangement costs of your travel (not refundable).

1. You are responsible for the transportation costs to and from Rostov-On-Don (Russia) and to be there at given group gathering date & time at the Rostov International airport.

2. You need to have at least a two-time valid Russian visa for both, the arrival and departure, trips through Russia. Remember: single-entry Russian visa is not accepted in the border of the Donbass republics and we also don't accept participants through Ukrainian borders.

3. We will provide for approved and confirmed travellers a Donbass Tours invitation document, what can be printed and attached to the Russian visa application (reason for the trip) and if asked, showed in the border control.

15,000 rubles

The tour payment for the entire week’s program includes all transportations, hotel accommodations in Donetsk and Lugansk hotels (in double rooms), breakfasts, tour program fees, entrance fees, special friendship dinner, etc., is:

Notice: Extra payments for tour arrangements can come only from the need of a single room hotel accommodation or needed special transport between Rostov-Donbass-Rostov. Let us know on your preference to have a single room accommodation or possible special transport needs from or to Rostov.

This is paid upon arrival in cash... and that’s all! No other payments for Donbass Tours, but remember, that tour payment include only one special dinner and breakfasts.

Remember, Donbass is operating only with cash: no bank or credit cards can be used in the DPR and LPR. Money exchange to rubles is available from dollars and euros.

The program is planned together with the local authorities, such as the Tourist Ministries of Republics. Donbass Tours have support of both state administrations and people of Donbass, who are proud to show the true, loving soul of the region, to all the international friends of Donbass. Respect of the republics, authorities and people of Donbass is a requirement of good behavior for every partisipant of the Donbass Tours.

Notice: Donbass Tours does not have international insurance policy for the travellers. Participants of Donbass tours need to choose their travel insurance by themselves. It should be noted, that the DPR and LPR have free and high quality healthcare (only medicament costs are not covered) and hospitals will treat patients in all possible needs. Some of the Donbass Tours visitors have paid a special insurance for conflict region, but many haven't: You decide.

You are welcome: Fill the contact form in this web page and make your first step!

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